• Chilli Powder

Chilli Powder

Product NameChilli Powder
Particle Size20 mesh, 40mesh, 60mesh
Scoville heat unit6000-35000SHU(low spicy, medium spicy, high spicy)
MoistureBelow 11%
Whether SterilizeSteam Sterilized or according to customers’ needs
Colordark red, red, brown
Quality StandardsQ/HT 0002S-2018
Packing20KG/CTN, bag, or according to customers’ needs

product description
product description

Chilli Powder produced by Huatian company is used as food materials and ingredients for condiments of all kinds of food. The materials of  products come from company’s cooperation planting base, and then are processed through careful selection, stone removal, impurities removal, dry cleaning, metal foreign matters removal and grinding. From all the process of farmer cultivation to packaging, the company's own laboratory carries out comprehensive testing and monitoring, and the products have traceability. The quality of exported products meets the standards of the EU, Japan, the US and other international standards. Domestic sales products keep the same levels of quality, line and standard with exported products.


Product  Advantages

1. The raw materials of products completely come from cooperation planting base. The planting base follows the principle of "Ten unification"(Unified Seeds, Unified Pesticides, Unified Fertilizer, Unified Management, Unified harvest, Unified drying, Unified picking, Unified purchase,  Unified storage, Unified transport). Under the Supervision of pesticide, planting, purchase, storage, processing and transportation, it not only ensures that Pesticide Residues, Heavy Metals and Aflatoxin fully meet the standards of Japan, EU and America, but also completely solves the industry problem of degeneration of seed varieties and decreasing spicy degree of chilli year by year.

2. The company is of complete equipment. It contains 190 sets of advanced production equipment and Inspection & Supervision equipment, such as Dust Remover, Impurities Remover, Stone Remover, Iron Remover, screening, Fanning machine, Selection machine, Colorsorter, Washing equipment, Hot air dryer, Microwave drying equipment, Cutting and Shredding machine, grinder, Screening machine, Mixing machine, Roasting equipment, Metal detector, Packaging machine, electromagnetic wave sterilization, and steam sterilization equipment ect. The factory has 12 bactericidal production lines, 10 non-bactericidal production lines and 2 washing and drying production lines, which can process solid spices products of all varieties and specifications.

The laboratory has sophisticated testing equipment and professional technical personnel. Except for items of appearance, color, smell, taste, imperfect particle, particle size, density, impurities, moisture, total ash, acid insoluble ash, we can also test capsaicin, red pigment, piperine, non-volatile ether extract, crude fiber, protein, sulphur dioxide, volatile oil, oil rate, peroxide value, acid value, sodium chloride, coliform group, mold & yeast, thermophilic bacteria etc. So it can provide favorable conditions to enforce strict quality controls.
Over the past more than 20 years, every step of our development is inseparable to the support of our customers. In the future, we will continue to meet customer’s needs for the purpose, to make Sincerity, Realistic, Profession and Innovation as our idea, to provide safe, stable, natural spices products with good quality and services as our mission.  Sincerely looking forward to establish long-term good relations of Win-win cooperation with you.